The one thing about AirPods Pro that nobody on the internet seem to know! 🤔

By Benjamin Jesuiter at

TL;DR: AirPods Pro support replacing/overwriting the active connection by connecting from another already coupled device!


Some time ago, my Jabra Elite Active 65t got worse and worse regarding battery longevity, so I started to look for alternatives.

I considered two things:

  1. Some form of follower from Jabra itself (75t or 85t)
  2. Apple AirPods Pro.

I own a MacBook, an iPad and an Android Smartphone, so the question was for me: "Is it worth to buy AirPods Pro when i have no iPhone?"

And, spoiler: Oh boy was it worth it!

  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Even better: excellent transparency mode! (compared to my Jabras, which have a garbage transparency mode)
  • Nice sound quality
  • Lightweight and slightly sweat resistent for running

Only one question was left to be answered before pulling the trigger to buy them:

Do AirPods Pro support 'overwriting' the currently active device with a new one by simply connecting?

I couldn't even google for that! Here's an example of what I mean:

I have my AirPods Pro coupled with my "iOS & macOS ecosystem" (iPad and MacBook), as well as with my Android phone. The AirPods are currently connected to my iPad. The question is now:

Can I instruct my phone to connect to these AirPods Pro, and will they drop connection with the iPad and connect to my phone?


  • Do I have to re-couple them? (very bad experience, would've been a deal breaker for me!)
  • Do i have to manually disconnect them from my iPad in bluetooth settings? (This is what my former Sony WH1000X used to force me to, since they didn't allow for 'replacing' the currently active device!)

Solution: Yes, they allow to simply override the active connection from another, already coupled, device! 🥳