The one thing about AirPods Pro that nobody on the internet seem to know! 🤔

TL;DR: AirPods Pro support replacing/overwriting the active connection by connecting from another already coupled device!


Some time ago, my Jabra Elite Active 65t got worse and worse regarding battery longevity, so I started to look for alternatives.

I considered two things:

  1. Some form of follower from Jabra itself (75t or 85t)
  2. Apple AirPods Pro.

I own a MacBook, an iPad and an Android Smartphone, so the question was for me: “Is it worth to buy AirPods Pro when i have no iPhone?”

And, spoiler: Oh boy was it worth it!

Only one question was left to be answered before pulling the trigger to buy them:

Do AirPods Pro support ‘overwriting’ the currently active device with a new one by simply connecting?

I couldn’t even google for that! Here’s an example of what I mean:

I have my AirPods Pro coupled with my “iOS & macOS ecosystem” (iPad and MacBook), as well as with my Android phone. The AirPods are currently connected to my iPad. The question is now:

Can I instruct my phone to connect to these AirPods Pro, and will they drop connection with the iPad and connect to my phone?


Solution: Yes, they allow to simply override the active connection from another, already coupled, device! 🥳