🎉 filter-async-rxjs-pipe@1.00 🎉

Today, I’m very proud to share with you the release announcement of version 1.0.0 of my package filter-async-rxjs-pipe on npm! 🥳


This update contains version bumps for all dev and prod dependencies to avoid security risks. However, I noticed, that this package has 90 - 300 weekly downloads, so I want to declare it stable as it is now.

The Origins

This package originated from a question on StackOverflow, asking if there is a filter operator for rxjs which accepts a promise in return. This would allow making network requests inside filter functions or using other async browser apis.

I took the suggestions from there (Shoutout to Brandon for the original answer!) and wrapped it into a neat little npm library.

What’s inside?

RxJS Pipe filterByPromise

This rxjs 6+ pipe accepts a predicate function which returns a Thenable for filtering. (e.g. any object with a ‘then’ method === Promise and custom promise implementations)

RxJS Pipe filterAsync

This rxjs 6+ pipe accepts a predicate function which returns an Observable for filtering.

Both of these functions have a parallel flag to indicate, that they should run the predicate function in parallel for each emitted event from the source observable. It should work, however, I currently have no valid test case for that.
So, if you have any idea, how to test this correctly, please file an issue here on my repo!

Thank you for reading! You can reach me on Twitter via @codemonument or see my other repositories at github.com/codemonument or at my private account github.com/bjesuiter!